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5. The Citizen’s Royalty Chapter 3, page 34 +

Citizen = you and me
Royalty = a right that is due

In principle the Citizen’s Royalty is the opposite of a State imposed tax.

In addition to the Government of the day deciding who and what to tax, the decision would be to decide how much to give each Citizen in the form of an annual payment from the Citizen’s Royalty Fund.

Other names for this novel form of income are: Citizen’s Income, Basic Income Grant, National Dividend, Universal Benefit.

For those who aren’t now shaking with derisive laughter and who are able to concentrate further, the case of the Alaskan Permanent Fund (A P F) should be considered .

This fund was established in 1976. In the year 2000, for instance, each citizen of Alaska received the sum of US $1964 (c. 5500 for a typical family of four)




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