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George Hollingbery on The Free Lunch

Prospective Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Winchester (UK)
Winchester City Councillor.

The Free Lunch shakes our complacency. The complex relationship between you the taxpayer and you the receiver of public services goes unchallenged. We believe it is unimaginable that we could do anything to challenge it - it is far too complex even to begin to think about such a thing. The Free Lunch is a book of truly radical ideas, of real alternatives. It really challenges the way we think about the world around us.

The book notes the strange fact that non-productive wealth-producing assets like the land for our houses, whose value we as owners have no part in enhancing, are untaxed; whilst things we do to produce wealth, such as working each day to look after our families, are taxed. The book proposes that citizens take responsibility for how they spend money that is created by our society. Money would be given out in the most flexible way possible, as cash. It would be up to you the citizen, as to how you spend it on hospitalisation, on education, and so on, and not down to the government.
I have real sympathy with that position. It seems to me that unless we get some choice in how public services are provided to us they are very unlikely ever to get better.

This book has some very very, big ideas. I think a lot of you may find some of them too radical, I find some of them quite difficult myself!

What is so refreshing is that the author has take time to challenge the norm and to think creatively. To show us that not only are there other ways of doing things, but that they make real rational sense even in the modern world and even with the structures that we currently have.

I urge you to read The Free Lunch. It is not an easy read…it is technical…it is very nicely written, very well written, easily explained, but not an easy read… not bath time reading! It is full of ideas that are sufficiently challenging and sufficiently interesting that you should take some time to look through, and to really contemplate how the world works around you.

I commend the author for taking sufficient interest in politics and in taxation and in the world around us to sit down and write a book of such complexity. I applaud it.

John Francis on The Free Lunch

Artist, Inventor, Marketing Consultant

Sometimes we are faced with something that challenges our world view, that gets us flummoxed and we want to look the other way, to avoid the issue, to stay in our comfort zone.

This fascinating book, The Free Lunch, asks some very leading questions, it asks questions that are rarely asked and they seriously upset our presuppositions.

It reveals the selfishness and shortsightedness of business and government, and the scandalous outcomes of their bureaucratic, meddlesome and paternalistic ways.

It also reveals some things that are totally new and we exclaim ‘Why hasn’t anyone told me this before! This is amazing!’

The Free Lunch brings together several theories which are presented in a unique and original manner. It creates a very lively thesis on the potential and on the possibilities for wise and non-invasive government and for economic justice, that relates directly to us in the 21st century.

Its investigations of facts and startling conclusions could radically change the way some of us view many aspects of functions of our society.

There is enough passion, information and genuinely new ideas for a brand new political party many times more exciting than anything we might have at the moment!

Winston Churchill who was a firm believer in some of the ideas in this book said:
Men (and he was including women), occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened….

Margaret Gould on The Free Lunch

Reporter: The Hampshire Chronicle

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