the adj. 'definite article'. existent, unique, familiar.
free adj., adv., v. available, lavish, without cost or charge.
lunch n. midday meal

The Free Lunch -  
valuable benefits that flow from gifts of nature or which arise solely because society exists.
  Charles Bazlinton

The Free Lunch by Charles Bazlinton
- Fairness with Freedom in the 21st Century -
ISBN 0-9544105-0-5

£11.00 including p & p for UK and international

Be very careful – this book will amaze you – as you explore ideas supported
by such people as:

Winston Churchill .... Adam Smith .... Thomas Jefferson ....
.... John Stuart Mill .... Albert Einstein
........ and many others!

This book is for  YOU:

homeowner or tenant
entrepreneur or employee
student, parent or grandparent
property developer or town planner
banker or bankrupt
religious or agnostic
accountant or tax man
green campaigner or road builder, politician or voter
game player... or everyone interested in fairer play for all !

An original and lively thesis on the possibilities and potential for economic
justice in the twenty first century – yet reading like a ‘who dunnit’!

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