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3. The Free Lunch – are you getting any?

Contrary to accepted wisdom in some quarters, there are such things as Free Lunches.

Not those of the Unemployment Benefit / Family Credit / Housing Benefit variety
but those with Menus that can create wealth for individuals, families and companies who are switched on enough to understand and take advantage of the world around them.

Planning permission can turn a plot of empty land valued at 200 one day into a building plot worth 30,000 overnight.
A Council House bought during the early 1980s for 25,000, might have quadrupled in value within twenty years.
Successful results from mineral exploration rights granted to a Mining or Oil Drilling Company would dramatically increase the value of your share holding – if you had one.
Privatization of state industries provided 'loads of money' for those in the right place at the right time.
State monopolies and franchises have been a 'license to print money'



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